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I’m ready to grow my business. Get started booking clients in the diary.

Quantum Thinking Transformation

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I’m ready for unshakeable belief in myself. Be unapologetically you – stand tall and proud.

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I’m ready to scale my business. Be more creative, and have a lifestyle and business you love.

About Amanda

Business Coach Amanda Delaney helps small business owners like you grow and scale their businesses.

Amanda has helped hundreds of small business owners to attract their ideal clients, charge what they deserve, and grow a profitable, sustainable business.

Amanda grew a very profitable business, but it took her years to get there! Work with Amanda and save time and money by avoiding making the same mistakes.

Client Wins

  • Going from EARNING 0 to having A COUPLE OF GRAND in the bank …within 6 weeks!
  • Going LIVE on VIDEO…without fear
  • Planning TIME OFF as a Sole Trader
  • MAKING BUSINESS DECISIONS in alignment with values and passions
  • Starting a PODCAST, giving GUEST EXPERT talks
  • Having a VISION for the business and feeling RELAXED about achieving it

Join 100s of small business owners who have discovered how to grow their businesses with Amanda Delaney.

Amanda Delaney, as my business mentor has been a powerful wind beneath my wings. Her tenacity, common sense approach, laced with many ah-ha moments of brilliance have given me the clarity to take the vital steps to get my message across. Her empathic nature sets me at ease allowing me the space to tune inwards, breaking down the obstacles I face in my spiritual development business.

Taking these vital step-by-step approaches is helping me to unfold as the spiritual mentor and soul reader, I was born to be. Thank you, Amanda.

– Julianna Jay

Spiritual Mentor & Soul Reader

I have been in business now for 11 years. Each year I do a business plan which outlines my growth plans for the business. Last year, I really wanted to take a fresh approach to this and knew I wanted to approach this from the Heart Space rather than the Head Space.

I could write a business plan, but I wanted a soulful business plan – I needed help to do that. I worked with Amanda, and continue to work with her, to help me align my business decisions and ambitions with my values, passions, and beliefs so that I am creating a business that gives me deep satisfaction.

Amanda has been a really great support to help me uncover limiting beliefs, release them, and make decisions that help me, and my business thrive. Thanks, Amanda, for all your support. I would have no hesitation to recommend Amanda.

– Muireann Fitzmaurice

Marketing Consultant

Get immediate access to the business mentoring and tools you need to grow your business.

What are you going to believe today?

Are you going to believe that nobody’s coming or are you going to sit tight and show the Universe you’re trusting, you’re in receiving mode?

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Why choose Amanda as your Business Coach?

Stop Feeling So Scared

no more going around in circles
wondering if you should give up on your dream. work with trusted mentor Amanda and you’ll get the love you need (and a kick in the arse too).

Attract Authentic Referrals

no need for sleazy sales tactics that leave you feeling like you need a shower. SHOW CLIENTS THE VALUE IN YOUR OFFER. stay in flow and have a successful, profitable business.

Earn What You’re Worth

you’ve done your apprenticeship, you deserve to be well-paid for your years (and years!) of training and experience. it’s time to buy nice things and have money in the bank.

– Elaine Gunn O’Connor

Holistic Transformation Coach

Her guidance helped me take responsibility for my business

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Amanda understands me, she speaks my language, and Amanda’s way of explaining things makes perfect sense to me.
I can be myself and this in turn builds my self-esteem and confidence.
It is very hard to find someone to trust, I open up to Amanda with my personal and business knowing that she has my best interest at heart.
I choose to work with Amanda as I was lonely, undisciplined and I had no structure, chronic procrastination, and needed help.
Amanda has helped me to develop a structure within my business in just 4 months. Her guidance, accountability, and our sessions together help to me to take responsibility for my business, and I am seeing huge progress. I am excited at how far I have come. I have big goals for my business and developing my leadership skills. Our sessions help me to evaluate and stay disciplined in my structure.
maria o’dwyer
leadership and career coaching

Breeda Hurley

Inspirational Businesswoman

– Nicola Connolly-Byrne

Personal Empowerment Specialist