Business Mentor In Ireland

Learn to market your business with certainty and attract your ideal paying clients.

Learn to market your business with certainty and
attract your ideal paying clients.

Business Mentor In Ireland
Business Coach In Ireland
Does the word ‘marketing’ leave you feeling confused?

You are not alone

A lot of business owners feel the same way.
Now imagine what it would be like to have clarity around your audience, your message and what you offer.

What difference would that make to your business and your mindset?
My clients come to me full of passion and ideas but they need direction and support.

Here’s what they have to say


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I delivered my first workshop of 2021, its 11 months since I did this for the very first time!

What I noticed was the growth in me from that first one to last night, showing up with ease, confidence and with the authority as an expert.

I was always an expert, Amanda just helped me gain clarity on speaking to my ideal client, creating my offer and showing up with immense purpose, through the most incredible support from her and the peer environment.

I haven’t even asked for testimonials and 3 arrived within an hour after the workshop! A complete endorsement that the right people were in attendance.

When you work with Amanda, you attract the right people that you know you can help and you step into the willingness to try from that first push she gives you to that supportive (virtual hug) you get for going for it and levelling up

Jennifer Maher

Executive coaching and consulting

It has been one of the best decisions on both a business and personal level I have ever done. She leads in a way that encourages, supports, nudges, pushes, or challenges you at wherever level you are at. She just knows when to push and when to support. I have learned so much under her guidance and still, I learn more. I only wish that I had access to her Passion to Profit Academy when I was at the beginning of learning how to run a business.

Mary Farrelly

The Dog Knows

“Amanda has helped me get a clear vision for my business and has shown me my own worth in the services I offer. I’ve increased my one to one clients; I sold out my first 2 workshops under Amanda’s guidance and am now planning more workshops”.

Gabrielle Collins Lawlor

Turning Point Coaching and Counselling Drogheda

“Having followed Amanda for years via social media, I joined her VIP coaching group, soon after setting up as a singer on my own. My business is growing so quickly with Amanda’s help. She shares all her tools and experience with us all, she gets life, she gets people. My voice is my business and in only 2 weeks I started to feel confident enough to do live videos!! The VIP group are such a huge support to me too. I’m just so thankful I found her.”

Olivia Luc

Professional Singer for Weddings, funerals

“Amanda has helped me to develop structure within my business in just 4 months. Through her guidance and having accountability, I have taken responsibility in my business and I am seeing huge progress. I am excited at how far I have come. I have big goals for my business and developing my leadership skills. Our sessions help me to evaluate and stay disciplined to my structure.”

Maria Kinch

Owner/Managing Director SCR Clinic Dental, Medical Cosmetic

Let’s Work Together

Business Coach In Ireland

Does video scare the living daylights out of you? Time to get out of your own way. Video is the number one free method to helping clients to know, like and trust you.

My free 5-Day Video Challenge is fun, you meet great people, you face your fears, you grow in confidence and you learn the skills you need to take advantage of all the positives of video marketing.

Business Coach In Ireland

We Can & We Will (#WCWW) is where it all started for me. I founded a business community where I run networking events with a difference.

Now 100% online, sharing our stories, not pitching our businesses.
We support, we care, we respect each other, and we like love to have fun.

Female Business Coach In Ireland

Passion to Profit Academy

If you want to take serious action for your business, the Academy is the next step.

This 1-year programme combines weekly mentoring, accountability, community group and group teaching sessions with practical application for your business. Turn the frustration and doubt around. Get clarity on your audience. Get confidence in your message. Get specific about your offer.

As a business owner for over 20 years, Amanda supports you each step of the way, as do the Academy members who share their experiences and insights too.

female entrepreneurs ireland
Female Business Leaders In Ireland


If you are ready in invest in getting results sooner than later, 121 mentoring is the solution for you.

We can tailor your sessions to specific areas where you want to see change and action.

Contact Amanda direct on hello@amandadelaney.ie or book a 15-minute discovery call to get started.

Who Do I Help?

Irish Business Coach - Woman

Everything I do is to help you connect you with your ideal target audience and to have a sold-out business.
From expanding your network with WCWW, to learning new skills in a safe, supported environment in the Video Challenge and Academy, to 121 mentoring to really get into the detail of your business.
Charging what you are worth, attracting new ideal clients consistently and living the life you wanted when you started your business. Take everything you learn and turn it into being an empowered business owner, standing tall and proud and confident.