About Amanda Delaney

Amanda Delaney is a business coach and mentor who has helped hundreds of business owners to market their businesses their way.

She helps coaches and therapists like you to build a business you love so you can buy nice things, have nice things, and have money in the bank that says “job well done, thank you for your services.”

With over 20 years of experience running a business having worked in the fitness and beauty industries, Amanda has the experience and skills to help you to grow your business (even if you’re scared stiff).

She built her business when she had small kids (and no time) and has helped countless others to Stand Tall and Proud through a mix of mindset and mentoring.

When you work with Amanda, you get to know a network of passionate soulpreneur business owners.

Amanda is the mentor for you if you want to show up, attract more clients and have unshakeable belief in yourself.

My business journey

I built a profitable, sustainable business and healed from burnout. 
But it took me years and cost me a small fortune! 

I tried selling Aloe Vera at a Bikers Show in the RDS and was laughed at and ignored for three days. They weren’t my ideal clients – not even close. It’s crucial to understand your audience. 

For years I hated charging, in my first business, I often worked for free or heavily discounted my prices. 

I want to speed things up for you and save you time and money

Why work with a Business Coach and Mentor?

I literally rattled at the first workshop preparing for my TEDx Talk, but I knew it would stretch me to a whole new level.

It’s safe to give things a go – workshops, doing a video, putting yourself out there, being your true self, all the stuff that scares the bejesus out of you!

You need someone to simplify the steps…remember if you put on a workshop and no one comes, nobody’s going to die, and you’ll learn something. If, like a lot of my clients, you feel afraid, get support – the right people won’t judge you.

You can do scary things. If you work with me as your coach and mentor, somebody is there minding you and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll pick you back up. Work hard on being the best version of yourself.

Dream big and take bold action

“A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us and tells us how they did it. A mentor is someone who walks alongside us to guide us on what we can do.”

– Simon Sinek

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Qualifications and Credentials

▪ Judge Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year, 2023

▪ Training Delivery and Evaluation, DCM, 2023

▪ Quantum Thinking Transformational Mind Experts Academy, 2022

▪ NLP Practitioner Certificate, Mind Experts Academy, 2022

Amanda has delivered training and worked with organisations such as Sister Sheds, Louth Leadership Partnership, Marketing Coach, Wicklow Partnership, and the Acupuncture Council of Ireland.

Giving Back

One of my values is making a difference and supporting charities through fundraising. The more people that know about the work these charities do, the greater the impact. Thank you to everyone who has spread the word by sharing my fundraising efforts with their friends and family. Your generosity means a lot.

Below you’ll see a selection of images from a recent charity hike in aid of Saoirse Domestic Violence Services.

Fundraising charity hike in aid of Saoirse Domestic Violence Services.
Charity Hike fundraising for Saoirse Domestic Violence Services.
Business Coach Amanda Delaney and Irish Artist Ian Delaney presenting a fundraising cheque for Saoirse Domestic Violence Services.