Business Coach Amanda Delaney - comfort zone

Comfort Zone

Standing high above the ground, 20 feet to be exact on a plank of wood. Gripping the bars on either side of me so tight my knuckles were white. I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest and my mind was in overdrive.

The challenge was to jump off the plank and land on the bouncy mat below.

The instructor had given clear instructions which made complete sense and sounded very straightforward inside my head.

I had been telling everyone who went before me how to do it.

There was a specific way that you needed to land on the bouncy mat and only if you landed this way did you get a stamp on your hand.

3 stamps meant you could go and jump from the higher level.

The group I went with started to jump, it was my turn.

The best way to do this was not to grip the bars but to cross your arms across your chest and jump.

Holding the bars made it way more difficult.

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