Why join level up & connect with BUSINESS COACH AND MENTOR AMANDA DELANEY?

Take your business to new heights.

Is it time to build a business that affords you a lifestyle that you love? Get in touch to find out more about Level Up and Connect.

Does this sound like you?

Been in business for a few years.

You have an understanding of marketing & sales.

You are ready for the next level but need direction.

You know what you want but would like accountability and support to get there. 

You are still charging way below what you are worth. 

You’re afraid to set boundaries on your time and find yourself working at all hours

You know you’re made for greater things but you…

  • Feel overwhelmed because you lack direction.
  • Get distracted easily.
  • Suffer from imposter syndrome.
  • Have nobody to bounce ideas off.
  • Procrastinate on taking the right actions to move you forward because you are crippled by the fear of failure.
  • Fear success and what others might think about you.
  • Compare yourself to others & find it lonely trying to do it all by yourself.  

Grow a profitable, sustainable business while helping others.

  • Know what you want and have clear tracks to take you there.
  • You can’t make excuses anymore, there is no way to hide or procrastinate on important scary tasks.
  • Increase your prices and look at working less for more money.
  • Release any emotional blocks that are keeping you from building the business of your dreams.
  • No longer feel afraid to ask for what you want, to go after the higher paying clients. 
  • Ditch clients who are not aligned with your evolved brand. 
  • Value your time, and take more time for yourself while increasing profits. 

Everything you need to level up your business.

Be part of a supportive community of like-minded peers who are on the same journey. Together we’ll Identify your business goals and break them down into bite-size tasks.

Our Agenda for 2024


90-minute kick-off call in January to craft a business plan as unique as you are.


Shift limiting beliefs or disempowering behaviour patterns that may be sabotaging your success.


Stay on course or adjust your sail. 1:1 monthly accountability 30-minute call.


Group Zoom twice a month for connecting with like-minded individuals to brainstorm, learn and have fun.

3 holistic retreats

March, September & November

These holistic retreats are not your typical business seminar! These days will include meditations, sharing circles, dancing, empowering and embodied learning. You’ll love the opportunity these in-person days give you to connect with others, and to work on yourself & your business.

Clarity, Conviction, Confidence, & Community

Your business is between your two ears. Having a clear vision and plan leads to you having conviction which in turn gives you unshakable confidence.

Create your Signature Talk or Programme

Craft your signature programme or talk to stand out and be known for what you do. Your message on and offline needs to be as unique as you are.

Sell with Confidence

Converting prospects to paying clients requires confidence and skills, work on both and you will help more clients in 2024. Planning your financial year to pay for the lifestyle you want.

Plan your Marketing Strategy

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Planning your digital content, networking, public speaking, and workshops in advance means you are building on purpose.

Here’s what clients say about working with me

I always look forward to my sessions with Amanda – both 1:1 & group. Creating time and space to think about goals, saying them out loud, and having someone supportive to discuss what is working & what’s not, has helped me to focus and gain clarity about what I want to achieve, & more importantly how to go about it. The accountability piece for me is invaluable. The diversity of other business owners in the group always makes discussions interesting and often brings up ideas and approaches that I would never come up with alone. Amanda has created a safe, encouraging & supportive space for business owners to learn & grow, with a fantastic sense of community. Thank you, Amanda.

– Alison Furney

Accountancy Practice Owner

I have started to connect way more with what barriers are holding me back from progressing my business. Discussing fears and setting goals with Amanda’s positive presence helps to keep me focused.

Business is way more than a business plan. Amanda helps you look deeper into what you are aligned with and what might be holding you back. The community is just super as well. Everyone has your best interests at heart, and we all share challenges and successes.

– Ursula Frawley

Owner – Move It Fitness

I qualified in 2005 and worked in Tipperary before moving to Dublin and establishing CRI and running it full-time in May 2019.

It’s important to level up the business so working with Amanda this year to focus on Teaching and product development ensuring the future and keeping it exciting.

I particularly enjoy connecting and working alongside like-minded people on our group mentoring calls and retreats.

– Hilary Condren

Owner – Clinical Reflexology Ireland

Scope creep, boundaries, family responsibilities, a little furry dog…those are the reasons why I signed up.

I had been in the Passion to Profit Academy and I experienced firsthand the power of connecting with a group of small business owners, hearing about their struggles, sharing my struggles, and getting their insights.

I signed up even though I didn’t know exactly what Level and Connect was because I just knew I need this and I’m in. It absolutely has matched what I was hoping for.

And a lovely outcome that I didn’t particularly anticipate has been the friendships and the support and cheering each other on.

– Marie O’Sullivan

Web Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if Level Up and Connect is the right fit for you to scale your business? If you are a business owner who is ready to have a business and lifestyle you love, you may be asking yourself these questions:

You can earn passive income. Many coaches and therapists do. However, it needs a strategy, it needs to be thought out. There are different ways to do it. 

And you have to be willing to do the work that those people have done, because yes, there’s work in creating passive income. So it could be writing a book, it can be doing digital courses that are evergreen, that are selling when you’re asleep. Fabulous. Lots of people have done them. Just put a plan in place and you too can do it with the right plan.

This is such a common problem with many, many small business owners. I’ve done it myself. You feel like you have to work around the clock and that the harder you work, the more success you’ll have. In fact, it’s not the case at all.

 You need to be working on purpose with the right clients, charging the right amount of money. So there’s only a couple of ways to make money. One is to charge more, two is to sell more. 

If you’re working around the clock, you need to ask yourself, am I working smarter? Am I working hard? How can I work smarter by increasing my income, or working with less clients for more money? Or having an evergreen content course that’s creating money when you’re not there? Or a monthly subscription. 

Many of my clients have set up paid Facebook groups or subscription-based courses or memberships where they’re getting an income every month. It’s not passive, but it is consistent income.

Have a couple of strings to your bow, a couple of income streams and ways of making money because a one-legged stool doesn’t stand. Sometimes we can put all our eggs in one basket and that basket may burst. If for whatever reason a course or workshop doesn’t sell, it’s not going to be detrimental to paying bills and surviving as a business when you have more than one income stream.

And then also if a course hasn’t sold, you need to look at the different areas. Was it marketing? Why didn’t it sell? Where did I position it? Was the price okay? Was the message clear enough? Please, please give at least six to eight weeks of a lead time – building excitement, and awareness, and poking their pain. Loads of stuff goes behind the scenes for a successful course or workshop. So don’t be disappointed if you’ve only given yourself five minutes. Join Level Up & Connect and get the support you need to plan an effective marketing strategy.