Don’t Give Up Too Quickly When It Comes To Networking

Do you ever feel like it’s just you?

You know you need to go and do “networking” to help you find clients, and referrals and get into a community of other business owners.

However, you’ve been to the traditional business networking groups where everyone has to be from a separate industry, or all that happens is you stand up once a week to do your 60-second sales pitch.

When you do get a few minutes to talk to someone else there, you find they are more interested in what you can do for them than in getting to know you.

You are expected to conform and do the same thing as everyone else but the whole thing makes you feel really uncomfortable so you just stop going.

It isn’t just you. I didn’t like them either.

One of my mottos is “Together everyone achieves more” and I didn’t feel like those other networking groups aligned with that.

I was looking for somewhere I could learn new skills, interact with like-minded individuals and have fun.

I wanted somewhere where I could be part of a tribe, connecting person-to-person, adding value to other people’s journeys, and learning from them. Above all, I wanted to be authentically myself and not crammed into a minute-long pitch.

I couldn’t find a networking group like that, so I created my own.

I believe networking should be high up on the list of ways to market your business. It is important to find the right one for you.

Here are my top 3 benefits of networking.

1. Connection

It can feel very lonely at times as a business owner even more so if you work from home as many people do.

Networking events help increase feelings of belonging, purpose, increased levels of happiness, reduce levels of stress, and improved self-worth and confidence.

2. New Contacts

I always think win-win when it comes to meeting new people. How can I be of service to the people I meet? I find going with this attitude way more valuable than going to get business.

Meeting new people can be a fantastic method of spreading the word about your product or services. You may do business on the day or leave with some referrals. I have found that the more I give at a meeting the more I receive in the long run.

3. Education

I nearly always learn something new when I attend a good meeting.

I suggest going to meetings or events with a growth mindset, that means a mind open to learning from others. It may only be one small tip or an idea that could be the missing link to something bigger for you. Top tip always have a note and pen in your bag ready to take down that lesson. If you wait until later you may forget.

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