Teaching Coaches and Therapists

How to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Why join the Passion to Profit Academy?

In the Passion to Profit Academy, I help women in business to increase their Business Skills & Confidence through supportive group learning & encouragement.

You Can and You Will turn your PASSION into a PROFITABLE BUSINESS with the right information and people around you

The Passion to Profit Academy is for you if you are:

  • Fresh out of college or newly certified and ready to find clients.
  • In business for a while but haven’t learned business skills yet.
  • Thinking about starting a business.
  • Unsure how to create sales pages about running events or workshops.

Does this sound like you?

  • Feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions or talking about your business.
  • Lack of consistency in marketing and sales which is eroding your confidence.
  • Feel like an imposter, questioning your expertise, lacking the confidence to call yourself a business owner.
  • Are unclear on your offer, afraid of selling your offer, or both?
  • Are not reaching your ideal audience, working for very little or free?
  • Setting big goals, mapping small goals & achieving big goals.
  • Compare yourself to others & feel lonely trying to do it all alone.
Passion to Profit Academy: 
Branding and Marketing Workbooks
9 Passion to Profit Pillars
Accountability and Support
Video Tutorials
Mini Workshop Replays
Members Learning Area

Passion to profit Academy

Let’s take a look at what you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to:

  • How to create your ideal client profile
  • Learn how to craft messages and content for your social media.
  • Learn how to create an irresistible offer with your knowledge and skills!
  • Create lead magnets to grow your audience.
  • Learn how to research clients (Gold)
  • Gain confidence on camera.
  • Learn how to use Facebook, Canva, Instagram, etc.  
  • Learn how to sell without feeling yuck.
  • Shift your mindset, and see yourself as the expert, worthy of charging properly for your services.
  • Create sales pages for events, workshops
  • Masterclasses from experts
  • Coming in September… What to say on discovery calls, how to build an email list.
  • PLUS… Group mentoring calls

Imagine your business when you are

  • Really clear about what you want (your vision) and you know exactly how to achieve it.
  • Confident and showing up sharing what you do with the world.  
  • Feeling extremely proud of your business, helping lots of ideal clients.
  • Saying yes to opportunities that you only dreamed of before.
  • Increasing your prices, knowing your worth, putting a value on yourself, & asking for sales.
  • Setting big goals, mapping small goals & achieving big goals.
  • Growing your social media audience with great content.

As a first-time business owner, I was feeling very overwhelmed with words like ‘lead magnets’, ‘funnels’, and ‘sales’. When I crossed paths with Amanda I knew instantly from her warmth, integrity, and genuine care she could absolutely help me build my coaching business.

Amanda has helped me grow exponentially. I know now exactly who I can help, I know how to tailor my message and use content with great meaning. Amanda holds such a great collaborative and supportive space in her groups and in her 121 sessions. I hesitated to spend money on marketing mentorship but now that I am where I am, it was worth the investment.

I have the confidence, authority, and clarity that I’d never have gotten going it alone. If you are in the early or middle stages of your entrepreneurial journey, working with Amanda Delaney will be one of the best business decisions you will make.

– Jennifer Maher

Training and Coaching

I found Amanda to be very approachable, we spoke regularly on the phone and she always shared her knowledge and wisdom with me in language I could understand. I got so much value and she gave it away for free. I was paying for a coach at the time and found that I was making more progress with the knowledge Amanda shared. Amanda guides me through step by step which keeps me challenged but without adding pressure.

Amanda really takes the time to get to know me as a person not just my business. Knowing that I contact her when I am stuck or need encouragement has been invaluable to me. Amanda has helped me get a clear vision for my business and has shown me my own worth in the services I offer. This helps with any self-doubt especially when it comes to the monetary value of my services.

– Gabrielle Collins

Therapist and Coach

I worked with Amanda for 10 months and the personal shift I experienced in this short time cannot be understated.

After working with Amanda, I have a clear mission and vision for my business and have set a solid foundation to build upon. I found my voice working with Amanda and I am excited to share it with the world.

With Amanda’s support, I launched a Podcast in June 2022 and the response has been fantastic. Working with Amanda has given me the belief that building a successful business is possible and for that I am grateful.

– James Dean

Podcaster and Life Coach

Amanda’s expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in boosting my confidence across various aspects of my business.

With her help, I gained valuable insights into defining my ideal client, sales techniques, marketing strategies, product development, and successful product launches.. One of the most significant transformations I experienced under Amanda’s mentorship was in my ability to show up for my clients. She helped me recognise and overcome personal blocks that I hadn’t even realised were holding me back.

Before working with Amanda, I was hesitant and fearful about promoting my business online. However, with her unwavering support and guidance, I learned to show up with confidence across various social media platforms. I even had the courage to speak at conferences and successfully launched my own podcast for Social Care Workers.

– Audrey Moore


Like so many people, when I first started, I didn’t even know where to start – the myth that ‘if you build it, they will come’ was very much the case. Now I’m understanding that ‘if you serve your clients and communicate your offer clearly, they will come’ – much more productive.

– Jackie McGloughlin

JSJ Acupressure Therapist

The circle of people within Amanda’s business group became a lifeline on so many levels. Not only was it the benefit of working with Amanda through the Passion to Profit Academy and through the group coaching that we had every week, but in May 2020, Amanda gave me an opportunity to share my story.

And I can’t deny I was absolutely petrified, but the response and the feedback I got was phenomenal. So it was online, but it helped me to finally embrace the guilt, the shame, and the trauma, and to realise that I could use it in a positive way.

She gives amazing support, encouragement, and insight, and really sees you, the person, and your potential before you even realize it yourself. She helped me to get out of my own way.

– Barbara Byrne

Coaching and Camino

A peak at what you’ll get in the Passion to Profit Academy


I hold space for you with lots of love, attention, and care. You
don’t just work with me, you work with a fantastic tribe of like-minded business owners.

We’re a community that co-creates, collaborates, and buys from each other. There’s no hustle or hassle or pushing, it just happens organically.

✅Feel safe and supported
✅Build an authentic referral network
✅Access accountability and support
✅Connect with like-minded business owners


Get really clear on your offers and message.
See yourself as an expert and attract your ideal clients.
Access a vast selection of training and workbooks in the membership site covering exactly what you need to build a successful coaching or therapy business.

✅Client Research


Become a go-to expert in your field and feel confident in sharing your message.

✅Go Live on Facebook
✅Craft a compelling message
✅Collect testimonials (the right way)
✅Figure out what you want to be known for
✅Launch your offer


Believe in yourself as a business owner, stretch out of your comfort zone.
Charge what you’re worth and go from comparing yourself to others to taking inspired action aligned with who you are.
Nail your systems in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

✅Live your soul purpose
✅Say “yes” to opportunities
✅Take inspired action
✅Step up as a business owner

Like to Join us in the PASSION TO PROFIT ACADEMY?

Access all the learning modules, live mentoring calls, Q&A sessions, and a community Facebook group.

Together Everyone Achieves More and this group Can and Will support and empower you as you grow yourself and your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked by people starting out in business. Join the Academy and get even more support.

You may not always know who your ideal client is, and it can be, for some people, very beneficial to work with a range of clients to discover who lights your fire up. So in the beginning, you don’t need to nail it down. You may need to explore. Once you’ve explored and you’ve discovered who it is that you like to work with, then I suggest that you go into a proper client profile for that ideal client who you wish to do more working hours with.

When you’re in the shower, getting dressed or in the supermarket, just going about your day, are you having ideas then about what to say? It’s a good idea to capture them, either on a voice clip or in your notes on your phone, or carry a pen and paper, whatever suits you.

But I promise you that you’re having intuitive ideas for things that you wish to say. But maybe by the time you come to writing or doing the video, you feel like you’re blank. So you can also, for inspiration, look at groups that your ideal client is in.

You can find inspiration from the content you learned when you were in college or doing your degree or just working with people. There is content everywhere for you to speak about. And ask yourself this one question what’s holding me back from speaking to my ideal client? 

The answer lies within you. You have all the content you need. Sometimes it can be fear. What will they think of me? It can be a story you’re telling yourself that you don’t know what to say. You could change that to “what will I speak to my clients about today?” It’s just about reframing it and looking at it in a different way. 

Many people could paint their walls with certs and they don’t have a profitable business because at some stage you need to put yourself out there as an expert or, you know, as somebody who can get results in that area that you’re in.

I often say another course is not always the answer. I literally have put myself out there with no courses or piece of paper behind me and built a very successful coaching and mentoring business without an official qualification. So qualification does not lead to success. 

Qualifications don’t lead to profitable businesses, although they’re very useful. It is your internal dialogue. Is there fear or is there a limiting belief resistance? Ask yourself, why am I not turning this into a business? Why am I not asking for the sale? Why am I not putting myself there as open for business instead of going back and learning again? If you’re learning because you want to, because it will enhance what you already know, brilliant.

Maybe you’re just presuming that other people are getting more clients than you. Maybe their storytelling attracts interaction on their social media. It can attract new clients because their message is simple and they are demonstrating their authority and their expertise in that area. And people love to follow people who know what they’re doing or can get the results that they want. So if they are better at telling that story, then the chances are they’re busier than you. Learning how to market in a simple way can attract your ideal clients because they can see how you can help them. If this sounds like you, Passion to Profit Academy would be a great fit.