Overcome your fear of videos and gain confidence on camera.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.”.

In this 5 day Video Challenge

We will kick off on Monday the 8th of July 🥳

You’ll be spending quality, no-nonsense time with Amanda Delaney and other business owners who like you are looking to get comfortable with showing up on camera so that they can grow their businesses.

Are you ready to SHOW UP and speak to your audience?

Video Challenge is for you if YOU’VE:

  • Never done a video before.
  • Done video but struggle with coming up with content.
  • Struggled to show up consistently.
  • Doubted yourself or keep talking yourself out of it.
  • Created videos all the time but would like to be part of the challenge to meet people.

Results business owners have gotten from previous challenges:

  • Increased confidence on camera.
  • Attracting new clients on a regular basis.
  • Confident and showing up sharing what you do with the world.  
  • Craft and deliver a message in sub 3mins.
  • Stop caring what other people think of them.
  • More in control and focused.
  • Prep and be prepared before clicking the go live button.
  • Getting to know others in the group because of seeing them on video.

My FREE GIFT TO YOU🎁 5 Day Video Challenge

Let’s take a look at what you will get:

How to attract more clients

  • Video tips & tricks.
  • 5 days of content prompts.
  • Learn how to create short videos (Sub 3 mins).
  • Make new friends.
  • Fun (We have a few comedians in the community).
  • Gain confidence on camera.
  • Accountability (you will be encouraged all the way by Amanda and your team).  
  • A wonderful experience.

For anyone interested in learning to improve their live video skills (or start from scratch), Amanda Delaney runs a very friendly and encouraging group. Amanda is a powerhouse of energy and is very passionate about coaching people.

– Mary Fleming

Doing Amanda’s 5 day video challenge is a great way to improve your online skills where you can make all those first time mistakes in a safe place. She is so encouraging but pushes you out of your comfort zone to achieve. The group she has gathered to participate are equally encouraging and supportive and many have come back many times to repeat the challenge.

– Helen Dillion

I’ve just finished the 5 day video challenge run by Amanda, it was the most fun I’ve had in such a group environment. Amanda’s energy is so contagious and her support unwavering. She’s my type of person, encouraging you to take action at every turn and standing behind you as you do it. The people that Amanda attracts to these group exercises are so warm, friendly and equally encouraging, so the fear when stepping out of your comfort zone is somewhat diminished by their supportive presence. I can’t wait to do more work with Amanda in very near future as I know she is the one to help me get the results I’m looking for.

– Nicola McGuinness

Amanda’s expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in boosting my confidence across various aspects of my business.

an unforgettable week of support and connection… Amanda helps you awaken and appreciate your own uniqueness at the heart of your business. … the 5 day challenge turned out to be exactly what I needed for me… I highly recommend taking the opportunity to discover a little more about yourself and then want to go live…. yes seriously

– Marina Anderson

I have completed my 1st 5-day video challenge with Amanda Delaney. I had never done live video before.

I took the challenge to help with my reluctance to do live video. I am so pleased with the confidence I gained in doing video within a safe, supportive environment. There was so much help and support from both fellow team members and the rest of those taking the challenge.

On day 4, I put my first ever video live on my own page. It felt very powerful to be able to do that.

I now know I will be able to go live on my page. This, for me is HUGE.

Thanks to Amanda for providing the structure, impetus and safe, encouraging environment. Without the challenge, i would still be dithering.

– Eileen Hughes

Find Your Courage

Andrea completed my 5 day video challenge pre covid and seriously she was so shy she would leave her video tasks until a minute to midnight.

We could hardly see her on her videos as they were practically done in the dark.

As you can tell from her engagement stats she did find her courage on camera, and uses video to attract clients and took her Pilates business online during covid.