Amanda Delaney Business Coach - will I get more clients if I charge less?

Will I get more clients if I charge less?

Many people think that reducing their service or their product is the answer to gaining more clients. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. When people pay, they pay attention.

By discounting your product, it’s nearly like saying, ah here, it’s not that good, you can have it for a bit cheaper. It also undervalues the people who have paid full price for that product or that service that have done the work. So instead of feeling “I need to discount or give away my stuff”, why don’t you ask yourself again, we’re going back into the inner self again, “Why am I doing this? Why do I feel the need to do this?”

If there’s a lack mentality, if I’m feeling lack or feeling fear of not making enough money by discounting and stuff, it’s just going to make the problem bigger in my eyes. Because now you’re really feeling like you’re working for little or nothing. Even worse, you may not even get the sales you want or you think you will. Because again, people value you when you value yourself. So are you valuing yourself? What is the reason you’re discounting?

I’m a big believer in don’t discount, add value instead. So if you feel that you’ve got a course there, that’s amazing and you’ve had people that have paid you the full price for this course, why not offer it and something else? So maybe a free PDF or something complimentary alongside it rather than discounting your price.

When we discount our price, I think we tell ourselves we’re not worthy, we’re less than what we’ve created. In fact, I encourage the opposite. If you’ve taught a course before and if you’ve got the results, you should be increasing the prices and bragging about yourself.

So go within. What is your reason for the discount? What is your reason for wanting to reduce stuff? You may be having a wobbly moment and therefore do not do anything when you’re having a wobbly moment. In fact, you should just pause, press the stop button and really go with it or find somebody to talk to about why you’re doing this and really examine it further.

Don’t act in that moment. Just press the stop button.

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